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Virtual Website Development

A division of virtual Mac support


Our focus is on developing efficient, cost effective websites for those who dont need a technology heavy web presence. Our websites are designed with common-sense in mind.


Working with our customers is our strength. We listen to what you want and need.


We work hard to establish working relationships with our clients. Our goal is to develop long lasting connections that benefit both parties long-term.


Assisting the client with planning their website is a big part of what we do. Helping them understand what type of content they need and how to showcase it.


Using software solutions such as WordPress, Concrete Adobe Muse and Spark we are able to make the clients vision a reality in both desktop and mobile ready solutions.


Once the website has been developed, we give the client the option of having them maintain the site or if they prefer, we will maintain the website for them.


Updating a website that was created by another developer

A client approached me and told me they had a website built by a company owned by a friend of theirs. They were very happy with the look and feel of the website but felt the on-going cost to maintain and update the site was getting out of control. They asked me if I would be willing to take over the website for updates made to products they sell online, as well as design changes, as needed.


We evaluated the website to see what platform it was built on and the degree of technology used to develop it.


We worked with the client to agree on a cost that was within their budget for the level of service they would need.


We implemented the changes that the client had at that time and continue to make updates as needed to keep the clients online presence updated.


We provided our client with both online and local website backed-ups, as well as options such as SEO and system updates.

Helping Small Businesses

Our focus is on the clean, simple websites that so many companies need to run their business. We are not the company that is going to try to sell you technology and design that you don’t want and/or need. We want you to have a website that works for you and is affordable. Our services are available in different configurations.

You can purchase a complete solution which includes all the services you need to operate your website or you can purchase your services ala carte, which gives you control over certain aspects of your website such as hosting, SEO, updates and backups. If you need help with deciding which solution best suits your needs you can always contact us to discuss and ask questions.


Working with Non-Profits

Helping Non-Profits to establish a presence online can be challenging. Having the right images and verbiage to “tug” at the heartstrings of the public and those donors who want to make a donation to the mission can be a daunting task. We work with your organization to better understand your mission, identify your target audience and work with you to get the message out about who you are, what you do and how it impacts the lives of others. We do this in a simplistic, easy to understand way. We work WITH you to make your best first impression.



Whether you are starting a small home-based consulting business, or just need a way to promote yourself across the web, we have a simple solution for you. With our online, personal profile you can promote yourself to others with content that will help convey the message you would like to get out there. Our personal profile allows you to bring different components to the web like photo’s, audio, video and showcase them in a way that is appealing and easy to understand. With a Personal Profile from VMS, you will have a way of sharing the information you want others to see. With free updates for a year, your information will reflect who you are.



Below are a few of the websites we have developed

Locksmith Specialists

Small Business Website

The Welcome Home Group

Non-Profit Website

Purpose Nutrition

Website Acquisition


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I wanted an updated website built for my business because my old one just wasn’t effective. I went and talked to Joe. He told me the important info I needed to build a newer, cleaner, easy to read website. He spent quality time to get it correct. Just the simple things that I thought was ok, he in turn would change and make better after looking a second time. I trust Joe’s experience, I was really impressed with his talent for building, hosting and working on any of my website needs.

Patrick Cullins

Locksmith Specialists

We had a website built to showcase our product line of nutritional supplements. In an effort to become more efficient in the ongoing development and maintainence of the site we brought Joe in to take over the website. He handles any upgrades, product add-ons and backup of the site. He has made the operation of our site more effective and is always ready to make adjustments, when needed.

Lisa Cagle

Purpose Nutrition

We needed an effective website to promote our Non-Profit organization which would help us direct donations, as well as supporters to our mission of helping Veterans and their families. Joe developed a website that gets our message out and shows it in a clear and concise way that helps us promote our cause. The design and functionality have proven to be well received by those viewing the site and has driven donations, as well as a following.

Janna Nachamkin

The Welcome Home Group


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